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Feb 9, 2023

Temps are heating up and so is the bite. 🔥 This week Rick and the captains all report awesome inshore fishing and offer advice on how you can get in on this FIRE feeding frenzy. Reds, trout, sheeps, pompano, you name it, they are ripe for the picking!

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Outline of this Episode

[1:51] Tropics Report
[8:39] Northeast Report
[15:55] East Central Report
[22:40] Southeast Report
[28:42] South Report
[36:28] Florida Keys Report
[42:39] Southwest Report
[47:41] West Central Report
[57:36] Big Bend Report
[1:03:14] Northwest Report
[1:07:12] Panhandle Report
[1:12:19] Florida Fishing Wrap-Up

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